Welcome to the 2016-17 athletic season at Covenant Academy. Athletics, rightly understood as an integral part of education, complements our greater mission at Covenant. It is on the court and the field that students learn valuable lessons of commitment, teamwork, overcoming adversity, and humility. But these lessons go well beyond the x’s and o’s. We recognize that athletics have a unique and powerful ability to mature and mold young men and women and we want to make sure that athletics are viewed and taught in such a way that molds our student-athletes into godly young men and women that passionately follow Christ.

Along the way, our programs also provide wonderful opportunities to strengthen the larger community of Covenant Academy. Relationships built on the sidelines provide cohesiveness among our parents as they support their children. Your enthusiastic participation is critical as we continue to seek to honor God through our athletic program.

This handbook contains the philosophies, policies, and guidelines which govern the Covenant Academy Athletic Program, as well as some of the more important rules and regulations required by the school and governing leagues. Although it is intended to be comprehensive in nature, there will inevitably be situations that occur that are not outlined in this handbook. Having a common understanding of the rules and regulations that govern athletics will assist in significantly reducing concerns and unforeseen problems.

We ask that you read this handbook thoroughly with your student-athlete(s). The athletic office must have a current, signed Acknowledgement Form (located at the end of the handbook) on file before a student-athlete can participate.

We look forward to another great year in athletics!

Go Patriots!