College advising at Covenant is a partnered process between the Upper School Lead teacher, the College Advisor, and parents. The Lead Teacher meets annually with students to go over their graduation plan, discuss end of year GPA, and answer questions regarding graduation requirements beginning the end of their 8th grade year.

The College Advisor meets with students once each trimester beginning their 9th grade year to…

  • support and encourage students as they explore their gifts, talents, and interests while seeking God’s will for their future,
  • provide resources to prepare for the PSAT, SAT/ACT, and SAT Subject Tests,
  • assist students in navigating their college search, and
  • assist juniors with college admission and scholarship applications.

Additionally, the College Advisor organizes…

  • lunch time visits with various college recruiters from across the country (Fall),
  • lunch time visits with speakers in various career fields (Spring), and
  • administration of the PSAT (Fall).

About Our College Advisor

Roben CardRoben Card
Upper School Teacher: Science and Mathematics
College Advisor
BA in Math with a minor in Business at the University of Nevada, Reno

Covenant Academy is my home, and its people are my family. I'm a transplant from Nevada by way of Washington (state). I have been teaching for 27 years with 14 of those being in a classical Christian school.

I love science and the innumerable ways all of creation shouts of our amazing God. The anatomy of a starfish, the chemical reactions in the lab, the properties of electricity, and the mysteries throughout science are just a few of my favorite things. I believe the best way to get a grasp of the world around us is to explore and experiment. I'm also a math geek who thinks it's as much fun as a ride on a zip line (which I'm known to adore.) All of my students are strongly encouraged to come in and get some help any and every time they are struggling with a concept. My addiction is watching a face brighten as the connection is made and understanding occurs (the light bulb moment).

I have two kids which have now become four as they both have married and I love holding babies (no grandkids yet). Other hobbies include hiking, traveling, technology (even attending math and calculator conferences!), reading, music, dance, and horses. Really, I just love learning and people!