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Auditory acuity is one of the most important skills we can teach to children—and adults. Being a good listener is key to becoming a successful problem solver, communicator, citizen, professional and friend. Storytelling provides an excellent model of oral language and is an exciting and entertaining venue for the development of auditory skills, interpersonal communication, and appreciation of the spoken word.

To hear Mr. Weiss tell a story is to become enthralled in the tale, and it is no wonder that young children leave the storyteller's circle determined to recreate the drama in their own creative play.  His stories encourage children to read original classical literature, either on their own or with the help of the more experienced readers in their lives.

Fall 2017 Session details coming soon....

About The Covenant Cafe

What is it?
The Covenant Cafe is a space for the Covenant community to gather, investigate, contemplate and discuss the classical education movement.  It allows families within the community to learn, grow and build relationships.

Who will be there?
We will invite respected, featured speakers and leaders within classical education into our community throughout the school year.

What to expect?
Covenant friends and families are welcome to invite their friends, neighbors and local businesses to come to our events.  Our forum will include presentations as well as discussion around cafe tables in a warm, intimate setting on the Covenant campus.