Frequently Asked Questions

How can we determine if Covenant Academy is a good fit for our family?  
 Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do we understand the goals and objectives of classical and Christian education?
  • Is our primary interest the curriculum and the application of a Christian worldview?
  • Do we believe the Bible? Do we read and study it?
  • How does our child respond to authority? Does he demonstrate self-control and respect for others?
  • Do we understand what the Bible has to say about communication? Do we desire to communicate biblically with families, teachers, and administrators?
  • Do we desire that our children graduate from Covenant Academy?
  • Is our primary assessment of our child's success measured in grades, awards, or in a job well done?
  • If transferring from another school or entering from home school, are we prepared for a difference in academic standards, discipline, and curriculum?

Note: Parents should be prepared to discuss these topics during the family interview.


May we visit the school?
We gladly receive visitors during the school year. Drop-in tours are available any time. If you wish to come at a specific time, please contact the school office at 281-373-2233 to arrange an appointment. Families are encouraged to visit a variety of classrooms to see the Trivium in action.

Does Covenant Academy accept transfer students?
 We accept applications from transfer students. Transfer students with academic deficiencies may be offered provisional acceptance and will be required to complete requirements outlined in an academic remediation contract. Formal admission may be conferred when remediation and retesting are complete.

Does Covenant Academy offer a multiple child discount?
We are committed to keeping our tuition prices as low as possible. If you have researched tuition prices you have probably noticed that Covenant’s tuition is one of the lowest five-day tuitions available in the area. At this point, we are not able to lower the tuition further to provide an additional discount without impacting the resources available to our students. However, we are open to considering this in the future as our school continues to grow. Families are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance, including instances of multiple children. FAST includes each family’s total tuition amount into consideration when determining the assistance that qualified families are recommended to receive.

How do we apply to Covenant Academy?
Applications are available online through our website on the Applications page. Once the completed application, all supporting documents, and the application fee are received, you will be contacted by the Head of School regarding your family interview and academic testing.

When is the application deadline for the upcoming school year?
Applications are accepted at any time; however, applications received in early January will receive priority processing for the upcoming school year. Enrollment decisions will be declared beginning February 1.

Can we reserve a space for our child by applying early?
Applications for new student admissions will be accepted in early January.  We review applications in the order they are received and placement in an open spot is based on the date of your completed Online Enrollment and payment of your enrollment fees. It is beneficial to make scheduling testing appointments and family interview dates a priority for your class placement.

All admissions decisions are communicated via email. If an application is received and accepted for a class that is currently full, the student will be placed on our waiting list. Classroom placement is not reserved until the enrollment fee has been paid.

Applications received outside of the typical enrollment deadline will be processed on a case-by-case basis.

How are acceptances determined?
After completion of the family interview and academic testing, the decision for acceptance or denial will be made by the Admissions Committee. We are looking for families who will benefit from, and be a benefit to, Covenant Academy because of their like-minded goals for their children. Additionally, we require every student to be academically ready for the Covenant Academy curriculum.

How are admissions decisions communicated?
Families will be notified in writing via email regarding their admissions status.