Szymanowski, Titus

Titus SzymanowskiDirector of Student Life
Upper School Teacher: Literature, Mathematics
BA in Religious Studies at Gonzaga University; 2007 Graduate of The Oaks, a Classical Christian School both in Spokane, Washington

I teach because I want to influence students in the same my way that my teachers shaped and transformed my life. I love classical education because it teaches students to think for themselves, and encourages them to view every aspect of their lives through the lens of a biblical worldview.

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but for the past five years I have called Houston home. The community at Covenant brings life and joy to my soul. And my lovely wife Melissa and I are daily enriched by our relationships with Covenant families, faculty and students. When I’m not teaching, you can usually find me holding my newborn son, Eli, reading a good book, golfing or watching Seahawks football!